This regulation has been drafted only in the interest of accommodated tourists, so its observance is mandatory for all those accommodated.

The camping administration receives any complaints and takes care of the elimination from the campsite of those who do not comply with the provisions of this regulation.

Entry into the campsite implies acceptance and compliance with the entire regulations. Failure to follow the rules below may result in a request to leave the campsite.


For the efficient handling of your requests or complaints, please contact the campsite reception staff only.

Camping CORTINA GATE reserves the right to select customers. Camping CORTINA GATE reserves the right to evacuate, without second warning, any guest or visitor who does not comply with the rules and regulations of the campsite, as well as for any violation or damage caused by their fault, any camping facilities or equipment, together with the right to impose an appropriate fine and to claim compensation.

Upon arrival, tourists must show up at the reception for check-in, useful information and to establish a campsite. Tourists arriving later than 20:00 are asked to notify in advance (by phone or email) in order to be greeted by someone from the camping staff.

The access to the campsite and the exit from the campsite with caravan and caravan are made only under the supervision and guidance of the camping staff.

The entry and exit of cars from the campsite is allowed from 7:00 am to midnight. If you want to return to the campsite after midnight, you will need to park outside.

The use of cars is only allowed to enter and leave the campsite, never to travel inside the campsite.

The maximum speed inside the campsite is 5 km / h. Exceeding the speed limit allowed in the campsite will lead to a ban on access in the future. In addition, security guards have the right to deny access to any driver suspected of abusing alcohol or other narcotics. Access during the night is made with the understanding of those who are already in the campsite, and who are probably sleeping.

In the event of a vehicle accident inside the campsite, the sole responsibility of the driver who caused the accident, the Cortina Gate campsite, does not assume any responsibility.

CAREFUL! We do not mediate conflicts between tourists.

All campsites are numbered. If you wish to change your campsite, please contact the reception staff only.

Guests are required to park their cars on their own plots. Only one car is allowed in all accommodation or camping sites. Parking at any other place in the campsite will be charged at the rate of one caravan plot plus two people.

If there is a change in the number of guests in the booking, please inform the reception and make sure that the change has been recorded.

Any empty camping gear in the campsite will be charged the price of one camping gear plus two adults.

Observe the quiet hours: from midnight to 7:00 in the morning and from 15:00 to 17:00. During the rest of the mentioned intervals, be careful not to disturb the other guests.

Pets are allowed in the campsite under certain conditions. Pets are the responsibility of their owner. They must not be aggressive or disturbing, they must not be left unattended, and their owners must be responsible for collecting faeces. Garbage will be taken by the animal owner to the trash can, will not be left scattered near the caravan / caravan or camping.

CORTINA GATE campsite offers a stay in nature and is not responsible for any accidents and other harmful effects caused by activities, flora and fauna (insects, animals, plants, etc.), unforeseen events, natural phenomena, accidental events, non-compliance and regulations, etc.

The management of the CORTINA GATE campsite assumes no responsibility for any damage caused by extreme weather events, fires, force majeure or terrorist attacks.

The management of the CORTINA GATE campsite does not assume any responsibility in case of theft or damage to the camping means and equipment. The placement of any valuables in the campsites is done at the risk of the owners.



For the proper functioning of the campsite, the safety of tourists, as well as for aesthetic reasons, any alterations to the campsite or camping equipment, except the caravan, tarpaulin and an umbrella for each campsite are strictly prohibited.

It is strictly forbidden to light fires inside the campsite. The fire is made only at the specially arranged barbecue in the campsite.

The use of sound systems in the campsite is also prohibited.

It is forbidden to connect to water supply or sewer systems. Emptying chemical toilets is done only in specifically designated areas.

It is forbidden to wash dishes, clothes or cars at the taps intended for watering trees, in different areas of the campsite. Dirty, stagnant water destroys trees.

Keep the campsite clean. Store rubbish and rubbish in properly marked bins. Do not throw food scraps except in specially designed places so as not to attract insects or rodents.

For the comfort and hygiene of the tourists, you are asked to keep the toilets and showers clean and to report any discomfort to the service staff. For ecological reasons, you are asked to use consumables and water as judiciously as possible. Take a shower only in specially arranged places.

Each customer will receive a key from their own or shared bathroom with the neighboring campsite (depending on the type of campsite rented)

The cleaning in the rented toilets will be done by the camping staff only at the express request of the client.

Cars are not washed and they are not repaired in the campsite

For any failure of electrical appliances due to the power supply, the responsibility is exclusively the responsibility of the electricity supplier Enel Constanta

The use of high-power electrical appliances, including stoves, electric ovens, washing machines, air conditioners, etc., and, in general, the use of energy-intensive appliances that exceed 6 amps is strictly prohibited.

It is accepted to connect to electricity only with insulated double current cable and to be in perfect working order.
It is forbidden to use the air conditioner during the absence from the room.

Do not leave electrical and gas appliances unattended.

The electricity distribution panels are operated exclusively by the camping staff for safety reasons.

Supervise children in playgrounds. Children under the age of 14 may use the various services provided and may participate in the activities organized by the CORTINA GATE Children’s Club only under the supervision and under the responsibility of their parents or guardians.
It is forbidden to park boats, inflatable boats and store motor fuel in the campsite.


  • The camping day starts at 14.00 and ends at 12.00. Tourists are kindly requested to inform us in advance of a departure date, which may be changed (subject to availability). When leaving, they must leave the campsite clean, free of rubbish. The campsite reserves the right to enter the bungalow after 12:00 (departure time).
    For stays in the campsite over the reserved period, visitors will be charged a one-day fee.
    Payments are made between 08:00 and 21:00USEFUL PHONESANPC CONSTANTA: 0241 550 550URGENT: 112
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